Description: The small island nation of the gnomes, where they retreat to trade stories of their adventures. There are few permanent residents of Zazex.

Government: The gnomes don’t recognize authority. Although Bruul still claims Zazex as one of their regions, the few permanent settlements accept Bruul’s King as their rightful leader.

Capital: Taleville, a large wooden city where all gnomes stay during their visits to Zazex. There is a large firepit in the center of town where nightly gatherings occur and stories are exchanged.

Important Cities:
Calvale: An elven port city, one of the only cities on Zazex.

Population: Gnomes, none of which stay too long, after reaching maturity its only a few months before a gnome takes off on its first adventure. There are also a handful of elves and humans as Zazex is also used for many port towns.


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