Description: A rather chaotic empire in which a powerful admiral is sought to look over the region’s strongholds and train the country’s strongest warriors. To ensure this a challenge is everpresent that any man who can best the ruler of Mordrivale may rule in its sted after swearing loyalty to Bruul. The Current ruler is Content Not Found: krakenmalar-jerek.

Government: Stratocracy, government by the military. Generals are in charge of various regions. The greatest soldiers and warriors are often put in charge of cities or towns. The overseer of all of Mordrivale is appointed by the King.

Capital: Mace, an impenetrable fortress, built upon the remains of war fought over whom should lead the military.

Behir Desert: A tireless waste of sand and death, The Behir elves prosper where no sane man dare tread.

Important Cities:
Korath Fortress: A keep bordering the southern ocean. The pride of the Mordrinian navy, few pirates have sailed through nearby waters and lived to talk about it.
Population: A well blended mix of elves and humans, the desert population is heavily elven. The swamplands are home to the Muckmoss Barbarians, a band of ferocious magic resistant orcs said to be rules by the ancient hag Merlith.


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