Description: The cold snowy isle nation of Horus is often talked about with contempt for its inhabitants. Horus openly uses the undead as a military force, rarely do towns have a guard of undead roaming the streets but it has been known to happen if the supply of men is limited. The people of Horus view the undead outside the Necropolis as a precursor to an inevitable war.

Government: Queen Isabella Songcaster, broke her ties with the rest of Bruul when the mainland refused to aid Horus’ war against the Knights of Valor, a group of Paladins.

Capital: Necropolis, guarded round the clock by undead puppets whose masters reside in a well-guarded location within the Castle’s walls. Necropolis rests at the foot of Deadman’s Peak protected by the fearsome Nito.

Marsh of Embers: A swamp area surrounding a small mountain, within reside dwarven clans that’ve grown a resistance to magic. The marsh itself seems to inflict harm upon spellcasters who enter. This curses origins most likely stem from a Pyromancer who while attempting to make his way through the marsh burned much foliage, angering the native creatures, he was ambushed and with his dying breath cursed the swamp in which they lived.

The Vault: Not many know what truely lies at the top of Deadman’s Peak, but those who do dare not talk about it. The vault is where Horus’ undead come from, it is where the secrets to controlling them all lie, but none are fool enough to seek them.

Important Cities:
Frostmoor: an icy fortress built upon on a mountainside, used to store and preserve thousands of potential soldiers. A pact has been made with the dwarves within to help protect the vault in exchange for gold and minerals.

Population: Primarily (55%)human with (20%)dwarves, (10%)gnomes, and few (15%)elves.

Religion: Most people look to Pharasma (Goddess of death, birth, fate, and prophecy)

Horus used to be part of Bruul and was governed by Isabella, sister to Henry Roark until she broke ties with the mainland over a lack of support.


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